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A Paleo Journey: Implementing Paleo in your life

Posted on January 09 2013

The Paleo diet is a very basic diet in a complex world. If you’re thinking of giving it a try, here are some tips that may make your transition a little easier. Study up When I started the Paleo diet, I knew it was an anti-inflammatory diet that removed most foods that could potentially cause an allergic response. What I didn’t know, however, were the facts about genetically modified organisms, carbohydrates and sugar, fat and cholesterol. As the weeks went by I worried about shunning conventional wisdom that eating fat is like strapping a ticking time bomb on your heart. The fact is you are unlikely to make a successful change in your diet unless you really know why you’re doing it and what foods will truly nourish your body and mind. To get started I recommend the following books and blogs. Books:
  • The Paleo Solution (Wolff)
  • Why We Get Fat (Taubes)
  • Good Calories, Bad Calories (Taubes)
  • Wheat Belly (Davis)
  • Paleo Comfort Foods (Mayfield)
  • Well Fed (Shannon)
Blogs: Bulk Up Okay, play along and read this in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice: it’s all about bulking up. Fun aside, I’m not talking about that kind of bulk. You may have forgotten how much work it is to eat healthy whole foods. You’ll be cooking almost every meal at home, which comes at a heavy price. Your time will be limited and your dishwasher always full. Processed foods are about convenience and eating healthy is, unfortunately, not very convenient. So buy food in bulk at your local farmers market and if you have the means pick up a vacuum sealer from Costco. You’ll also want to have a good old-fashioned cookout once a week. The cookout will give meals for the nights you just don’t have any time to cook and give you meals to grab for lunch. Check out of your bread and breakfast When I chat with people about my diet, a common question is about what I eat for breakfast. People, including me at one point, have a hard time envisioning eating anything but cereals, oatmeal and breads for breakfast. I totally get it: they taste good and they are quick and easy. I’m sorry, but cereal and bread is not food, even though I love them! Check out of that bread and breakfast and start eating things like eggs and bacon, leftovers from last night, avocado and lunch meat, sunflower seeds or almond butter with local raw honey. Breakfast is just another meal, but it’s one you’ll have to plan for since the morning routine can be pretty hurried. Frankie says, "Relax." If you want to get in an argument just bring up religion, politics or nutrition. Seriously, nutrition is highly personal and different people react to different foods, well, differently. Primal eating is about finding what works best for you while nourishing your body with clean, healthy whole foods. While there probably is an optimal human health diet, one thing is for sure: we don’t know what it is yet! Even the leaders of the Paleo movement are hotly debating some fine points such as starches and calorie counting. So enjoy your life, eat healthy, read the success stories on, walk around barefoot and cheat on your diet once in a while. Thanks for reading! About Scott James Scott is a Southern California native and avid outdoorsman. Along with a passion for nutrition and healthy living, he enjoys mountain biking, trail running and fly fishing. He lives in south Orange County and is married and has two children. His discovery of the Paleo diet has had a profound impact on his life and he looks forward to sharing his findings in a series of blogs on Photo credit: Flickr user boboroshi. Used with permission through Creative Commons.

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