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Crossfit 101

Posted on January 25 2012

Chances are, you've heard about CrossFit. More than likely, there's even one in your city. But have you tried it yet? If not, what's stopping you? I've chatted with some amazing coaches to give us the CrossFit 101, everything you will want to know about this challenging and intense workout. For some time while CrossFit had been growing in popularity, I was holding back because I mistook it for some insane type of strength training workout where form is not the priority. After having my share of strength training while competing on the USA Water Polo Team, I guess I wasn't willing to give it a chance. And then I opened my eyes to the phenomena going on around me. We've all got our preconceived notions about things that we're not all too familiar with. But are we able to open ourselves up to the fact that these are indeed preconceived? Luckily I met some pretty awesome folk along the way that helped open my stubborn eyes. Nitty Gritty on CrossFit:
  • There's no doubt you'll find your competitive edge during CrossFit. You know that comfort zone of yours? It's about time you get your booty out of it!
  • Thought it was only for big dudes? WRONG. You'll be sweating right next to anyone and everyone.
  • What type of movements are you doing? Anything that you'd do in your every day life: sit up, sit-down, jump up, jump down, squat, lunge, pull up, push up, climb up, press, lift and then some. You're going to use your entire body, moving in a full range of motion.
  • Talk about hard-core! Check out this video … Maybe someday I can jump up from a kneeling position, too!
  • Online, CrossFit offers a Workout of the Day (WOD). And in its truest sense, you never know what you're going to get!
  • If you look at each location's website, you'll see that each one is unique and essentially its own entity. Though you may find a different vibe at each CrossFit, you'll always get the same nitty gritty awesomeness wherever you go!
Meet Gillian "G" Formaneck. Looks so innocent, doesn't she? Ha, think again. She's a competitive Olympic Weightlifter and a CrossFit Coach in Costa Mesa (and lululemon athletica ambassador!) who answered for us... How would you describe CrossFit to someone who has never tried it before? "CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that can be applied to people of all different ages and fitness backgrounds. It combines weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular movements to create a high intensity training regime. CrossFit is fun and very community-based with an abundance of support and camaraderie that makes it worth coming back to everyday. I recommend it to everyone I meet and have seen amazing results from people of all walks of life." Jill Baker, an energetically strong CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Fly (for more on CrossFit Fly, a CrossFit solely for women, see below), came across CrossFit while dealing with knee injuries from competing in marathons. After easing her way into these workouts, Jill realized taking up Crossfit actually worked better than rehab for her personally. I have to ask you Jill, what's your favorite thing about a CrossFit workout? "The workout is efficient! I love that we get to use heavy weights, and by focusing on proper mechanics with high intensity we are able to train less and actually benefit more! Combining these things means great results, empowerment and accomplishment without the common fears of overuse injury associated with sustained running and cardio or 'bulking up' associated with lifting weights. The result is a capable, strong, lean, healthy, body in an hour, just a few times a week." What do you want a client to get out of a CrossFit workout? "In regards to a single workout, I hope that they got out of it that CrossFit is challenging, fun (in an unusual kind of way), and that they accomplished something that maybe they didn't think possible. I want them to get an appetite for more!!" "More importantly, what I hope clients get out of consistent CrossFit workouts is RESULTS! Not just the short term, aesthetic things we all want, but also the assurance that the lifestyle changes that they make as a result of CrossFit will lead to a longer, healthier, higher quality of life. And this mental toughness and perseverance will carry over into every aspect of their life!" About CrossFit Fly The mission of CrossFit Fly is to empower women through fitness. It's a boutique training facility that will push you through the CrossFit workouts (these workouts are NOT fluffed). "Fly girls are pushed to achieve and exceed limits far beyond the realm of comfort in true CrossFit style." CrossFit Fever Games. Image by flickr user CrossFit Fever, licensed under Creative Commons.

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