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Get Inspired: Top five fitness myths

Posted on February 21 2012

As we continue our journey for a healthier 2012, excuses are starting to gain traction in the back of our minds. You are keeping up with your workout routine, but what if the results aren’t what you planned? What if you slim down in all the wrong places? After speaking with your nutritionist or trainer, you might be left confused. We examined the top five fitness myths from a scientific perspective to expose some of the most common misconceptions about fitness and keep you focused! Running is the best way to get in shape Everyone is unique in their own special way, which means there is no best way to exercise that applies to every body type. Getting into shape depends on how much time dedicate to your health routine, a balanced diet and your chosen activities. After you get into shape, finding a health schedule that fits your lifestyle is the best way to maintain your ideal figure and you may never need to tie a pair of running shoes. Exercising allows you to eat whatever you want Burning 700 calories at a workout does not allow you to head over to the drive through and order the extra value menu. Some medical experts estimate that your diet accounts for up to 80% of your results, leaving only 20% for exercise. No matter how much you exercise, if you continue to fill your body with fat-filled foods or products devoid of essential nutrients, you will not achieve your desired results or maintain your physique. Weight training workouts make women bulky Staying away from the gym to avoid muscles in uncomfortable places is a poor excuse to set aside your goals. Science tells us that serious muscle growth is the result of diet and hormone levels. As long as your daily routine does not include a hefty dose of steroids or an amount of protein inappropriate for your size, there is little worry about becoming bulky from weight training. Doing sit-ups and crunches will get rid of unwanted belly fat Thinking that a daily dose of sit-ups and crunches will earn you a set of washboard abs is just plain silly. Yes, there are those whose body magically only burns fat in their midsection, but the reality is that diet and regular full-body fitness routine are more likely to give you the results you are searching for. It is not possible to pick and choose where your body decides to burn its fat and it requires a little more thought and work to earn that six-pack of your dreams. Not sticking to an exercise program is a lack of self-discipline Even the most disciplined individuals will eventually run out of willpower when it comes to fitness routines. The trick is to find an activity or activities you like to do and hold yourself accountable by sharing those interests with friends. Between 50% and 80% of people who start an exercise program will not maintain it over the long-term. Once you have established a regular routine – which can mean pilates on Mondays, cycling on Wednesdays, kickboxing on Fridays and dance classes on weekends – that fits your schedule, it will be much easier to stay healthy and fit.

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