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Healthy Habit: Purge your closet

Posted on February 11 2014

We're sharing something personal here: The state of my closet. I know it looks bad, but that's because this is before my twice annual purge. I actually sit in front of my closet and have an internal debate about each item of clothing (don't ask me about my shoes). Do I really wear this? Have I worn this since the last purge? How long has it been since this dress actually fit? These are the "tough" questions I ask myself because even though it may be difficult to part with the outfit that never quite fit right, I know that someone else will enjoy even more. As someone who enjoys shopping for vintage clothing, or even making my own clothing, I try to contribute to the reused clothing cycle; I have definitely found some of my favorite outfits at thrift stores! So, why should you donate your gently (and rarely) used clothing? Don't do it just for your health, but also for the health of your community and the planet!
  1. Only 15 percent of all of our clothing gets recycled, according to That includes donating clothes to thrift or vintage stores and charities for resale, as well as actually recycling clothing for use as cleaning rags or insulation for everything from carpets to children's playgrounds. If you honestly take a look at (or around) your closet, you can likely help increase this statistic.
  2. Cleaning reduces your stress! If you are feeling pressure at work or from other commitments, it can often be reflected in the cleanliness of your home or even the state of your closet. When you take the time to clean your personal space, it gives you a sense of power over the situation at hand, providing a calming effect on your psyche. Opening your closet or dresser and seeing an organized chaos instead of actual chaos can reduce your morning stress. By avoiding physical clutter, you can help keep your mind clear and ready to take on the day.
  3. You help others in your community when you purge your wardrobe! When you donate locally, you are actually helping those in your neighborhood and city! Plus, it's a tax write-off if you get a receipt.
So let's do this together, Trailer Boutique! I may think about that corduroy blazer I gave away and how great it would match today's outfit, but I know it matches someone else's outfit much better; that definitely outweighs the hesitation I had before putting it in the giveaway pile. Need a tip on where to donate? Try Goodwill of Orange County! You can fill your closet right back up with a visit to the OC Goodwill Boutique in Tustin.

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