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Healthy holiday recipes!

Posted on December 21 2011

Less than two weeks are left in this year and while you're out doing your holiday grocery shopping, don't think you have to sacrifice health for taste. We took an office poll of our favorite seasonal dishes and scoured the internet for healthy, yet tasty, alternatives. Here's what we found! healthy holidaysHanukkah began at sundown Tuesday evening and now it's time for latkes! Often fried in oil, it's hard to make them both delicious and healthy. offered a number of health-conscious alternatives for Hanukkah dishes, but our favorite was zucchini latkes. Check out the recipe here. Christmas Eve is the unofficial National Egg Nog Day. has a low fat and low cholesterol alternative for the traditional holiday drink. While it's easy to head out to the store and buy a low fat carton of egg nog, you can control the taste and consistency of your own concoction. The recipe is here, but if you are looking for additional healthy holiday cocktails, read more from our health writer Jaime Komer. has an awesome "healthified" pumpkin pie recipe for National Pumpkin Pie Day on Dec. 25. The trick to keeping the calories low with pumpkin pie is to replace pumpkin pie mix with actual pumpkin, in addition to fat free or skim milk. This recipe also includes directions for cooking the crust if you're feeling adventurous in the kitchen. Fruit cake may be the butt of holiday food jokes, but we were able to find (and try!) a healthy recipe to make it delicious. Most store bought fruit cakes contain candied bits of nuts and barely any actual fruit. This recipe will get a quick laugh from the family, but we found a version made with dried fruit and orange peel that is both delicious and only has 202 calories per slice. Here is the recipe from Tamales! A holiday tradition for many families, tamales are difficult to "healthify" because of the lard and corn meal that make up the masa. The lard, plus the high fat content of the traditional pork filling, make tamales a calorie nightmare for the holidays. cut out the lard and replaced it with pork broth, in addition to using leaner cuts of pork and more vegetables. Here's the recipe! Happy (and healthy) holidays!

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