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Lacey Stone, INSPIRING Fitness Trainer

Posted on August 20 2014

She's a celebrity trainer, she's a Flywheel instructor and, most importantly, she's a super inspiring human being.  We met Lacey Stone a few months ago at a Flywheel event and were instantly inspired. Here's why...

How did you get started in fitness professionally?

LACEY STONE: I was an athlete my entire life, in the summers before the basketball season began I LOVED the working out portion of becoming a better athlete. The weight room, the track workouts… I loved how it not only challenged me physically but also challenged me mentally.  As I grew older I could see people at the gym not enjoying their workouts and I found my passion- bringing joy to everyone’s workout. It doesn’t have to be hard work if you can find the fun in it, that’s what I do.

What's your favorite part of teaching at Flywheel?

LS: I love the pairing of DANCE and SPORT. I was a very high-level athlete, so I love being able to use the bikes to improve your performance. There’s no guesswork at Flywheel, you are either improving or you’re not. Also we pair the beat of the music to the Rpms… So during the non-interval parts of the song it feels like we’re dancing… It feels like a party on a bike. It’s my happy place. There’s no better way, pairing fun with efficiency equals powerful results. That’s Flywheel. We aren’t just dancing to dance, we guarantee results with our technology which sets us apart from the rest.

What's the biggest challenge most people have when trying to get fit?

LS: The biggest challenge is consistency. Through my 13 years in the industry, I’ve tried every diet, every quick fix, and every workout… You know what the biggest lesson I learned was? Just show up. You don’t have to be the best; you just have to be consistent. Then be patient, I’ve lost over 50bls… I’m living proof that you can manifest and earn the body you’ve always wanted with handwork and a little love.

What's your biggest motivator?

LS: Everything motivates me, my parents, my supporters, my naysayer, myself… One of my dearest friends on the planet passed away before her time. She is a huge motivator for me when I get down. I SWEAT for her because she no longer has the opportunity.  Also at this point I feel better when I workout then when I don’t. It literally lifts my spirit and in my training that is what I teach my students to do. Get ADDICTED to the feeling of being alive.

How do you hope to inspire people to get fit?

LS: I try to lead by example. Everything I teach them, I do. I also try to turn every workout into a party and a game so they forget about the workout and enjoy the experience. As their leader I want to create a community for them, a place where they want to come to workout but also to socialize and feel like they are a part of something more. A team of people looking to be the best they can be in and outside of their workouts. That’s what Lacey Stone Fitness is all about…
For more info on Lacey, make sure to check out her website,

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