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Why is CrossFit seducing women?

Posted on November 19 2012

This isn't a new thing. Women have always been into CrossFit. Yet let's be real, CrossFit has a stereotype for being a man's workout. It's competitive, sweaty, hardcore, with absolutely no fluff to it; you're pushing giant wheels, climbing ropes and Olympic lifting everything you can get your hands on. Though there may be some truth to this stereotype, especially depending on what CrossFit you visit, many look at this demanding workout from a completely different perspective, and rightly so. You see results quickly, you improve your functional fitness, it is mentally and physically rewarding, you build great comradery and every workout is an opportunity to prove something to yourself. Ultimately, CrossFit gives everyone a chance to customize their workout by taking each workout to one's personal max. No wonder women love CrossFit. We want to see and feel results quickly and we don't have all day to do this. To be able to spend an hour at your local CrossFit (they are everywhere!) and have time to run a few extra errands, means that you can create the proper balance you need in your life and the feel the best for it. Open to both men and women, CrossFit Vibe is a local hotspot, co-owned by lululemon ambassador Tien Vares. This gal is strong, inspiring, beautiful and a prime example of how CrossFit can be for everyone, including women. Tien was an avid runner before being introduced to CrossFit. She ran her personal best while training at CrossFit and credits its unique training style and methods to her success.
"CrossFit has changed my life and I look forward to the opportunity to continue sharing my experiences and introducing the value of the CrossFit methodology to strangers, friends and family."
Hey ladies, if you're interested in trying out CrossFit for your first time but prefer to be in a "ladies only" environment, check out CrossFit Fly in Costa Mesa. This CrossFit maintains the same qualities and "Workouts of the Day" (WOD's) but caters solely to women.

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